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At Andrews Glass we believe the fabrication of tubular glass components used in the manufacture of laser systems requires a cooperative effort between you and us. If you have a need in our specialty areas, which include CO2, HeNe, YAG, and Excimer components, we have capabilities to meet that need. We have expertise in glass to metal seals (kovar, tungsten) with applications using borosilicate glass, quartz, and ceramics. Using these skills, we fabricate laser components such as gas discharge and return tubes, flow tubes, connectors, and dust traps to the highest standards of quality in our ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility, which features computer controlled auto lathes, precision ID resizing equipment, and grinding and polishing machines. Our engineering team specializes in working closely with R&D and production groups, providing glass expertise and design concept assistance from the drawing board to prototype creation and full production.

Since Andrews Glass works with some of the largest laser manufacturers in the world, we are extremely aware of the need for confidentiality. We have developed a qualification process that makes it easy to get started and ensures that confidentiality is maintained.

The basic steps to initiate the qualification process are:

  1. You submit a "Confidentiality, Secrecy Agreement" to Andrews Glass Company for signing.
  2. You submit glass laser component drawings with prototype quantity/annual usage quantities to Andrews Glass.
  3. Andrews develops a formal quotation/drawings and submits them to you for approval.
  4. If the proposal is acceptable, you initiate a purchase order for prototype quantities to verify the quality of the components.
  5. If the overall qualification process is successful, Andrews Glass will be in position to produce parts when they are required.

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