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Capabilities Overview


Our experienced engineering team offers services from quotation development to prototype through full production fabrication quantities. Concise communication from the beginning is key to reduced development time and quality product with controlled cost.

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Glass to Metal Seals

Describing glass-to-metal seals is the easy part. Producing a good one requires knowledge and experience. With decades of experience, our skilled artisans perform specialized operations such as sealing faceplates or metal rings to a variety of fabricated vacuum tubes.

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Our production staff includes glassblowers with an array of glassblowing skills. Forming, shaping, blowing, bending, molding, and sealing are included in their repertoire. These processes can be performed in several glass types. Glass to metal seals with kovar, tungsten, and platinum are also common.

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Several of the glass processes can be fabricated in our auto lathe department. These lathes are computer controlled which allows an operator to run multiple machines. This area is very useful when quantities are substantially higher and repeatability of dimensions is required.

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Vacuum Forming

Also included on our production staff is the vacuum forming department. Forming glass over a mandrel in a vacuum defines our method. Using our proprietary process, inside diameters can be formed to very tight tolerances within +/-.0001". Tapers, flats, multiple diameters etc. can be included with the mandrel for an array of inside diameter profiles.

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The grinding department performs an array of functions. Precision cutting with diamond blades, cutting angles, drilling, beveling, countersinking, concentric grinding, centerless grinding, plunge grinding, outside diameter polishing, grinding flat, lapping flat, and polishing flat are some of our capabilities. Tubes of 120 mm diameter can be cut.

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Glass Redrawing

Production can also redraw glass. This process involves introducing a precise perform (tube) in an oven and drawing it out at a smaller scale. Tubes can be accurately drawn up to 3 mm outside diameter from the perform in borosilicate glasses. Glass pulled through the oven is very straight and maintains concentricity.

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Our decoration department can apply your company logo, serial number, etc. in the color of your choice with a decal. Decals permanently bond to the surface. Glass can also be acid etched and filled with ceramic paint.

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Ultrasonic Washing

Cleanliness is essential to a functioning laser. Ultrasonic washing, several acid baths, soap baths, and deionized rinses are at our disposal. Glass can also be dried in a controlled dryer.

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